Baltic Gallery – Newcastle/Gateshead.

Whilst holidaying in Northumberland I visited a few wonderful galleries. The biggest of those was The Baltic, a vast gallery of modern art. The addition, the upcoming Olympics being in Great Britain meant these huge Olympic rings were in the large cities.

Olympic Rings on the bridge between Newcastle & Gateshead

The Baltic Gallery

Mark Wallinger created this giant Times New Roman ‘I’ on the side of the building, he labels this as a ‘Self Portrait’. I liked how this was a very unique and contemporary way of representing himself; the size, choice of type face and colour can all be considered a part of his character.

Wallinger also had an internal exhibition, involving: over 100 chess boards with individual stones on each square, a video of scaffolding being assembled and disassembled in front of the sea and a brick wall covered with numbers on each brick. This eclectic selection of works is wonderful to see in person.

Sadly photography was not permitted in the exhibitions so if you wish to see them and are in the area I highly recommend you check it out.

10 years of The Baltic’s history

Baltic Exhibition Posters

The Baltic was celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had a great display of posters from past exhibitions, it was wonderful to see the different lay outs and choices of type/colour/composition.

Some of the work by Yoshitomo Nara remained in the education section, painted in large on the walls and windows. I love the simplicity of Nara’s art work, naive line work is definitely something that appeals to me.

Lastly a little mascot that was all around the gallery


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