Japan: Kingdom of Characters – Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts

Japan Kingdom of Characters – Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts

4th February – 24th June 2012

Today I visited the current exhibition at the Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts, ‘Japan: Kingdom of Characters’. Unfortunately the exhibition itself in this enclosed area doesn’t allow photos but I really enjoyed it none the less. I’ve always had an interest in Japan and their pop culture is so crazy and exciting, so many bright colours and cute characters. The past 10 years have seen the obsession of Manga/Anime and Japanese Idols has crept across to the West, to the UK & the USA. I remember my visit to Tokyo, almost every where you look you can see characters; on tube trains, bus stops, posters about anything from water to power tools. This exhibit shows a great collection of very famous characters from the past 60 years, if you love colour and fun characters then get yourself down there.

There was a Manga Dreams altered image exhibit downstairs. These are beautifully crafted images, manipulated to create the classic anime style appearance within photo realistic pictures.

Leaflets, tickets and a postcard from the exhibit.

On Saturday 24th March there will be an evening event from 6PM, showing anime, offering a classic games arcade, Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon card games, cosplay event (dressing up as characters), food and drink. Get on down there for some social fun and to see some of this Japanese pop culture.

Manga Dreams Girls SCVA

Manga Dreams Girls

The exhibition is free, the event on the 26th is £10, £8 for concessions. (Booking: 01603 593199).


SVCA , University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ.

Website: http://www.scva.ac.uk

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2 thoughts on “Japan: Kingdom of Characters – Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts

  1. Bloomzy says:

    I wish I had been able to go to this with you. It looks like it was really interesting, and the other exhibitions sound great too. Hope you will post about them too, if you go.

    • I found it funny that I arrange to go to Milton Keynes on the weekend 2 events I want to go to are on but a sure more will come to Norwich at some point. If you ever see an interesting exhibit I’m always looking for things to go to 😀

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