Contextual Studies Summary: Corporate Identity Notes.

Fantastic video created with a variety of brand logos.

Todays lecture was discussing Corporate Identity.

“Advertising does have a function to sell things to us but, it has also taken the place of art, literature & religion in forming our structure of meaning” – Judith Williamson (Quote from todays lecture)

By this she is conveying the fact we are influenced & form cultural norms by means of brand/advertisement rather than religion/art/literature as we would have done in years gone by.

Three important factors behind Corporate Identity; Recognition, Cohesion & a Corporate Philosophy/Lifestyle.

A strong corporate identity is cohesive, coordinated & unified. They take into account signage, architecture, typeface, colour and target audience. Example: Frank Pick’s idea of ‘unified design’ for the London Underground.

Modern advertisement is less about the product being marketed, more about the ideology of a lifestyle associated in the advertisement.

Sudo-individuality = many products are the same but just have different logos/badges/brand names.

The origin of the logo/branding could be taken from the Ancient Greeks & Roman merchants which used pictorial signs. For example the picture of a boot for a shoe sales/repair shop.

The industrial revolution led to an increase in international exports leading to a need for brand recognition.

Corporate Identity can strengthen a company to introduce a new customer base. For example Nike – Responsibility, using up-cycled products, green text and images of a hopeful youth in their adverts.

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