NUCA Exhibition ‘The Magic Theatre’

The Magic Theatre

“An exhibition of works by a ‘Time and Being’ collective and other invited illustrators and graphic artists.”

The Magic Theatre is an exhibition currently showing at Norwich University College of the Arts gallery. It features work by members of ‘The Magic Theatre Drawing Collective‘, a group of artists & academics.

“…A mix of personal and contextual responses to the myriad themes of myth, magic, habitat and landscape” – NUCA website.

I went to see this exhibition as although I love Graphic Design I am fond of illustration and most art forms. The work exhibited displayed a variety of techniques and media. A selection of screen prints, water colours, collage and ink drawings told stories of their own, absent of text captions or labels. This visual language really opened up the meaning behind each piece, I felt this ambiguity allowed me to decide for myself what they meant and this is something which attracts me to art.

Painting by P. Slater - image courtesy of TMT Collective Facebook

The figures in many of the paintings were abstract and I think this enhanced the mystical/mythical feeling I sensed when walking through the gallery. Another striking feature was the contrast between the monochrome images and the brightly coloured illustrations. A piece that particularly caught my eye was 3 people riding on a horse dressed in halloween style attire, the children’s book charm with a clear high level of drawing skill and an eye for colour really stood out through this painting. I was already making up a story about what was happening with out any narrative to help me.

The variation in style & media would appeal to plenty of different tastes. I would recommend, if you haven’t already, popping down and viewing this exhibit for yourself. Art lovers and sceptics alike could enjoy this wealth of talent. The exhibition is free (though donations are allowed) so if you’re in Norwich City centre then go take a look!

The Gallery at NUCA 
St Georges Street 
Tuesday 14th-Saturday 25th February 2012
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