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Baltic Gallery – Newcastle/Gateshead.

Whilst holidaying in Northumberland I visited a few wonderful galleries. The biggest of those was The Baltic, a vast gallery of modern art. The addition, the upcoming Olympics being in Great Britain meant these huge Olympic rings were in the large cities.

Olympic Rings on the bridge between Newcastle & Gateshead

The Baltic Gallery

Mark Wallinger created this giant Times New Roman ‘I’ on the side of the building, he labels this as a ‘Self Portrait’. I liked how this was a very unique and contemporary way of representing himself; the size, choice of type face and colour can all be considered a part of his character.

Wallinger also had an internal exhibition, involving: over 100 chess boards with individual stones on each square, a video of scaffolding being assembled and disassembled in front of the sea and a brick wall covered with numbers on each brick. This eclectic selection of works is wonderful to see in person.

Sadly photography was not permitted in the exhibitions so if you wish to see them and are in the area I highly recommend you check it out.

10 years of The Baltic’s history

Baltic Exhibition Posters

The Baltic was celebrating their 10 year anniversary and had a great display of posters from past exhibitions, it was wonderful to see the different lay outs and choices of type/colour/composition.

Some of the work by Yoshitomo Nara remained in the education section, painted in large on the walls and windows. I love the simplicity of Nara’s art work, naive line work is definitely something that appeals to me.

Lastly a little mascot that was all around the gallery

E is for Exhibition – Year 0 Graphic Design NUCA


Please come along to the Year 0 Alphabet Exhibition, Zero. 

Displaying an array of styles to illustrate letters of the alphabet. Opening Friday 20th April, we’d love to see you there.

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Working on narrative poster designs

Working on narrative poster designs

This is a work in progress of a narrative project.

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Exhibition: Titian’s Diana & Actaeon


We have been blessed in Norwich this month, the painting by Titian, ‘Diana & Actaeon’ is being displayed at Norwich Castle Museum. The painting was recently purchased by National Gallery, London & National Gallery of Scotland for a cool 50 million GBP. This has meant the painting will be staying in the UK and that it is touring the UK which seems far nicer than storing it in some dusty room some where.

The painting itself is absolutely stunning, from the beautiful brush strokes to the exquisite use of colour I was just lost for words when I saw it. I love the contrast between the modern ideal of beauty and this more classical version, the women (nymphs and Diana) are curvaceous and pale. The image above does absolutely no justice to this stunning work.

Please take a chance to go see this lovely painting.

Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery 

3 March – 15th April 2012

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House of Fraser NUCA BA fashion & University work

Norwich Fashion Week is well under way and House of Fraser is showcasing some work by the Fashion students from NUCA (Norwich University College of the Arts). I went to check out the wonderful garments sculpted by students including pieces by an old college friend of mine.

The garments are made of deconstructed items of clothing then restyled, cut and made in to new garments. The first photo is of a garment by Chloe Kent, check her out on twitter (@chloekent2)


I was thoroughly impressed by these garments, the standard of skill and presentation is stunning. I know that a lot of work went into these and it is such a pleasure to be able to see these on display.

(Disclaimer: I receive no endorsements for my posting about this event, I merely wish to share the knowledge that these items are on display. Please support the hard work of these talented new designers and go see them for yourselves.)


At University I have been working on some typographical representations of words. The brief allows me only to use a Helvetica style font and requires only words and no images.

Sneak Peak

(These are my own ideas, please refrain from reproducing these.)

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Japan: Kingdom of Characters – Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts

Japan Kingdom of Characters – Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts

4th February – 24th June 2012

Today I visited the current exhibition at the Sainsbury’s Centre for Visual Arts, ‘Japan: Kingdom of Characters’. Unfortunately the exhibition itself in this enclosed area doesn’t allow photos but I really enjoyed it none the less. I’ve always had an interest in Japan and their pop culture is so crazy and exciting, so many bright colours and cute characters. The past 10 years have seen the obsession of Manga/Anime and Japanese Idols has crept across to the West, to the UK & the USA. I remember my visit to Tokyo, almost every where you look you can see characters; on tube trains, bus stops, posters about anything from water to power tools. This exhibit shows a great collection of very famous characters from the past 60 years, if you love colour and fun characters then get yourself down there.

There was a Manga Dreams altered image exhibit downstairs. These are beautifully crafted images, manipulated to create the classic anime style appearance within photo realistic pictures.

Leaflets, tickets and a postcard from the exhibit.

On Saturday 24th March there will be an evening event from 6PM, showing anime, offering a classic games arcade, Yu-Gi-Oh & Pokemon card games, cosplay event (dressing up as characters), food and drink. Get on down there for some social fun and to see some of this Japanese pop culture.

Manga Dreams Girls SCVA

Manga Dreams Girls

The exhibition is free, the event on the 26th is £10, £8 for concessions. (Booking: 01603 593199).


SVCA , University of East Anglia, Norwich Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ.


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Upcoming event: Tin Pan Alley Flea Market

“For one weekend only, a beautiful historic building in the heart of Norwich is being transformed into a bazaar of vintige/antique stalls, live bands and dj’s all over four floors!

A weekend full of delights..” – Facebook of TPA.


Location: 8 Redwell Street (Opposite Cinema City) in Norwich.

Disclaimer: These posters/images are from the Tin Pan Alley Facebook page and I take no credit for them.

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Contextual Studies Summary: Corporate Identity Notes.

Fantastic video created with a variety of brand logos.

Todays lecture was discussing Corporate Identity.

“Advertising does have a function to sell things to us but, it has also taken the place of art, literature & religion in forming our structure of meaning” – Judith Williamson (Quote from todays lecture)

By this she is conveying the fact we are influenced & form cultural norms by means of brand/advertisement rather than religion/art/literature as we would have done in years gone by.

Three important factors behind Corporate Identity; Recognition, Cohesion & a Corporate Philosophy/Lifestyle.

A strong corporate identity is cohesive, coordinated & unified. They take into account signage, architecture, typeface, colour and target audience. Example: Frank Pick’s idea of ‘unified design’ for the London Underground.

Modern advertisement is less about the product being marketed, more about the ideology of a lifestyle associated in the advertisement.

Sudo-individuality = many products are the same but just have different logos/badges/brand names.

The origin of the logo/branding could be taken from the Ancient Greeks & Roman merchants which used pictorial signs. For example the picture of a boot for a shoe sales/repair shop.

The industrial revolution led to an increase in international exports leading to a need for brand recognition.

Corporate Identity can strengthen a company to introduce a new customer base. For example Nike – Responsibility, using up-cycled products, green text and images of a hopeful youth in their adverts.

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SAVORR V – An Open Submission Exhibition


Savorr is an open exhibition happening in Norwich, showcasing work from a large variety of artists. I was initially interested as one of the Graphic Design lecturers from my University, Gareth Bayliss, was exhibiting a selection of his work, much of which had not been show cased in the past as it was flawed but I have learnt to understand the importance of mistakes in art.

Piece by Gareth Bayliss

The mixture of incomplete work was an interesting treat but there were also finished pieces and work by other artists. Charlotte Rutherford’s 3 photographs stood out with their brash colours paired with the model’s unsettling poses.

Photo trio

Sadly I didn’t get to go to the Private viewing as it was late in the evening but I felt the old building really provided a great atmosphere for the work on show so I’m glad I went regardless. The exhibition finished today sadly so you can’t pop along but check out the artists involved!

Alison Humphrey - Daughters of Disney

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